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Who we are

We are an early stage technology focused Indian registered venture fund. We are eager to invest in and partner with dedicated entrepreneurs that are looking to build world-class market-leading companies by disrupting traditional sectors or solving real life problems for end-users or enterprises using innovative technology-led products or services.

We invest in seed and early stages of technology focussed businesses across industry verticals and are committed to supporting these ventures throughout their early life cycle with initial and follow-on investments in the range of INR 50 lacs to INR 10 crores.

In addition to capitalizing the businesses, we are committed to spending time with the entrepreneurs to build market-leading companies. Our investing team’s extensive operating, investing and entrepreneurial experience coupled with the industry and domain expertise from our network of mentors and advisors is what our portfolio companies can leverage in their journey to build success stories.

What interests us

We look to invest in and partner with high growth potential technology and technology-backed businesses with following attributes:

Strong, passionate and
committed founding teams
Capital efficient business
models that have potential
to scale-up rapidly
Large addressable or
rapidly growing domestic
or global market opportunity
Clear competitive
advantage in terms
of product or service
Companies having ability
to become disruptive
leaders in their horizontal
or vertical categories
Innovative technology
or business process/model
that solves customer
pain-point or significantly
improves efficiency

When we partner

While we are happy to engage and brainstorm with entrepreneurs at ideation stage, we like to see all or few of following checks before we decide to invest and partner:

Founding team on-boarded. We like to invest in ventures that have 2 or more cofounders and shy away from solo founder ventures. Cofounders with complimenting outlook, skillset and domain expertise are the teams we are excited to partner with. While we back all types of entrepreneurs, the first time entrepreneur or the entrepreneur who has had a successful career, we value founder’s track record in building products or businesses as an entrepreneur or an executive. Strong intellect and academic training solidifies our conviction.

Product or beta ready. While we will constantly support you in developing and refining the product, an already developed market-fit product or a beta version gives us comfort and confidence.

Momentum: While we understand that most early stage ventures may need external funding before they go to market, we do like to see some traction in terms of the business growth, be it initial revenue bookings, vendors or partners on-boarded, customers acquired or in discussion stage.

Our focus areas

We have a strong investment focus on groundbreaking technology products or technology-backed services or processes across consumer, enterprise, healthcare and deep technology domains.

How we invest and operate

  • Typically make 8-10 investments a year
  • Prefer to be first institutional investor in the company and back ventures at seed stage with an initial investment ranging from INR 50-150 lacs
  • We are committed to supporting the performer from our portfolio in follow-on financing rounds to the tune of INR 1-10 crore at early stages of the company
  • While we can fast track our internal evaluation process in some cases, we believe its imperative both for entrepreneurs and Unicorn team to spend considerable time to brainstorm and understand nuances before we decide to invest and partner
  • We take board seat in companies we invest in and actively support, assist and handhold entrepreneurs as per their needs
  • While we prefer to lead the seed financing round and be the solo investor, we are open to exploring co-investment opportunities

What value we bring

While entrepreneurs are at the driving seat of the business, we believe we can be your partners and navigators in the journey. We know about the road conditions ahead, we know about the traffic, we know the problem areas of the vehicle and we know about other drivers and their position in the race. Simply put, we understand the challenges and struggles of start-ups as we have ourselves had operating experience in building businesses, products or verticals. We add value to either solve problems or boost growth and funding is just one of the many ways we support teams. Apart from capitalizing the venture, we provide:

Support, assistance and hands-on
approach through our
investing and venture partners
Access to global perspective and best
practices and advice from industry
winners through our mentorship program
Support in recruiting high
quality and the right talent across
domains for your venture
Door opening for sales, acquiring new clients or potential partnerships
Commitment and handholding
for future financing
Commercial thrust and
strategic direction
Access to domain expertise
and support services