Our ESG Driven Investments

Unicorn India Ventures recognizes the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in achieving sustainable growth and making a positive impact on the people, environments, and communities where we operate. As responsible venture capitalists, we believe that these factors significantly influence the performance of our Fund and portfolio companies. We are dedicated to investing in startups that are committed to creating a lasting impact in the ecosystem through innovative and unique offerings.

We have complete faith in the portfolio companies we invest in, as they have consistently demonstrated their ability to generate remarkable value within their respective ecosystems. Our portfolio companies are making a significant impact in promoting inclusivity for India's next half billion population. At the core of our investment philosophy is a set of values that is shared by both us and our portfolio companies, based on the fundamental principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Access to Financial Services


India has one of the lowest insurance penetration in the world. Finsall aims at serving the underserved people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities with insurance premium financing. The company has tied up with leading banks, NBFCs and Financial Institutions which can lend money at affordable interest rates on one hand. On other hand it has tied up with India’s largest Insurance Providers which can roll out health plans for the uncatered population in India. Finsall has a pan India network with presence in more than 500 cities.


Initially SmartCoin poised to grow in the microlending space. With a vision to address the concerns of the vast underbanked in India, they evolved from a micro-lending platform to providing a full suite of offerings, including gold savings, insurance, among others. As of now smartcoin has served 1.1Cr users and has disbursed a total loan of more than 1700 Cr till date.

Access to Quality Healthcare


Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world. One of the prominent reasons for the deaths is delay in detection of the disease. Sascan has developed a device which can detect early stage oral and cervical cancers using a non invasive technique. The company has a vision to expand its offerings from oral and cervical cancer to other types of cancers as well. Sascan conducts medical camps, has tie ups with various hospitals and sweats rigorously to save lives and make a profound impact in the society


The company strives to rehabilitate manual scavengers and has currently rehabilitated 1700+ manual scavengers to robotic operators thus providing them with an honorable job and a stable income source. It further acts as a means to assimilate manual scavengers into the community and protects them from the social and caste discrimination. Bandicoot, India’s first fully autonomous manual scavenging robot, the flagship product of Genrobotics eliminates the risk of exposure to deadly gases as well as other health-related hazards. The Company has also launched G-Gaiter, a robotic gait training platform for rehabilitation of paraplegic people to help them in their treatments.

Access to Quality Education


ForeignAdmits is an Ed-Tech and personalized mentorship platform for students looking to study abroad and further their careers. It also provides a marketplace so that students can get visa guidance, loan solutions, housing in foreign countries, banking services etc in the most affordable and optimized way. Foreign Admits acts as a one stop shop for every need of a student going to study abroad. It has helped several students to get access to education at top tier universities across the globe, thus bridging the literacy gap and democratizing access to education.

Access to Clean Environment


Probus Smart Things offers an IoT solution for electricity distribution utilities, assisting end users with consistent power supply while saving utility businesses money. According to statistics more than 30 million households which accounts to ~8% of India’s population are still in the dark. Probus is playing an extremely important role in coupling this issue with a technology led solution. Probus is on a mission to minimize the electricity leakage at the power stations, channel it towards the betterment of the country and reduce the use of fossil fuel which plays an essential role in production of electricity.


Aurassure is a leading provider of comprehensive environmental management solutions. According to WHO, almost the entire global population (99%) breathes air that exceeds the WHO air quality limits, and threatens their health. Only 3% of the estimated 1.4 million air control devices that are required are currently in operation. This glaring disparity underscores the need for quick action & market potential. Aurassure is an intelligent system that uses IoT to effectively address these environmental issues, not only by monitoring various environmental gases, dust, and weather parameters, but also by monitoring high resolution data of micro environments throughout the city.


Esmito offers integrated solutions to the entire EV ecosystem. They have a world class Battery Pack Manufacturing facility, Indigenous Battery Management System (Brain of the Battery!) and one of the largest Battery Swapping Networks in the country. The company supports honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of fighting climate change by adopting Electric Vehicles at its core. At the Conference of the Parties 26 (COP26) Summit, India vowed to work toward the aspirational goal of having at least 30% of private vehicles be electric by 2030. As our country is moving actively towards net carbon neutrality, Esmito is already walking the talk and creating an impact in the ecosystem.