Our Value Add

We understand the challenges and struggles faced by entrepreneurs and leverage our experience along with our network of mentors and advisors to add value beyond just capital. We like to work hands-on with our founders and back them in every stage of their journey.

Strengthen Management

Strengthening Management

We assist our startups in recruitment of key employees. Recruitment of high quality talent is essential for the venture especially in its early stages.

Building Operations

Building Operations

Efficient operations play a major role in determining the startups life in its early stages. We work cohesively with the startups to build and scale sustainably.

Negotiate Deals

Negotiating deals

We help them crack business, partnership, association and collaboration deals through our wide business network.

Enter Unmapped Geographies

Entering New Markets

We carefully analyze the markets in which startups are planning to enter by talking to ecosystem pioneers in different geographies due to our multi continent presence.

Domain Expertise

Providing Domain Expertise

We not only bring capital but also bring our expertise, business acumen, world wide network of mentors and advisors across the globe.

Nurture Their Growth

Catalyzing Growth

We are committed to handhold the startup in its early days and work hands on with the founders and their team to establish a strong foothold in the market they operate in.