Case Studies

Esmito: Revolutionising the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

Esmito is a game-changer in India's EV ecosystem, offering cutting-edge technology and integrated solutions for battery pack manufacturing, management, and swapping. With its innovative end-to-end EV Swapping Management Solution, Esmito is leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future of transportation. Learn more about their journey.

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Social Entrepreneurship: The Genrobotics Way

Discover how a group of young engineers at Genrobotics are transforming the lives of sanitation workers in India through the power of robotics. Find out how Genrobotics is transforming the lives of workers and creating a safer environment through innovative robotics technology.

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SmartCoin: Transforming Lives Through Financial Inclusion

In a world where financial inclusion is still a distant dream, SmartCoin emerged as a leading , providing short-term loans to the underbanked and unbanked population with its cutting-edge technology and AI-driven underwriting. Read about how SmartCoin makes getting a loan no longer a Herculean task, but just a few clicks away!

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